Common Mistakes People Make When Home Staging

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With the real estate market getting so competitive, you need to make sure your house looks its absolute best before you put it on the market. To make sure you do everything right when home staging, you might want to consult a professional, like a real estate who knows what makes homes irresistible.

Making a house appealing sounds easy, but in reality, it isn’t the case. With the experience of a realtor, you can find out what are the deal breakers for most home buyers. Many times, people slip up with the simplest things like tidying up. These are little mistakes you want to dodge for better prospects.

To help you avoid some basic errors that impact your chances of selling your house, we’d like to take you through the most common mistakes people make when home staging.

1. Not picking up on household odors. We become immune to all of the smells in our homes, whether it be pet odor, stinky shoes or the kitchen garbage/compost bins. However, others will notice these smells right away. Ensure you rid your home of awful smells before it goes on the market because it can leave a bad impression.

2. Overcrowding rooms with furniture. People have a hard time envisioning themselves in a space that is crammed with furniture or with items that take up too much space in a room. The size of a room should always be considered when deciding what furniture pieces should stay there.

3. Not cleaning the house. Often people see their homes as cleaner than they actually are. Homebuyers will be on the lookout for flaws while inspecting the house. Don’t let dirt and grime be the reasons why they walk out. Deep clean with the focus on nooks and crannies. Hiring a professional may be well worth the money to ensure the house is spotless.

4. Leaving rooms dull and dark. Lighting must be a priority as dimly lit rooms are uninviting and dreary. Natural light is the best option, but lamps are also a good choice. Again, you want to allow buyers to envision themselves and their families in the house and poor lighting may hide all the best features of a room.

5. Not maintaining an inviting entryway. After the curb appeal, your home’s entryway is the first thing buyers will see. Ensure it is bright, open, and clutter-free to make an excellent first impression. Go with the less is more approach here, so buyers can comfortably enter, assess the room, and visualize the décor that suits their tastes.

6. Misunderstanding what staging can do. Often people think that staging will ensure a successful sale. While it is a great benefit, it is not able to hide flaws like structural issues. A home inspector would look beyond the aesthetics of a home. So, realistically home staging can only do so much.

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