Top Five Things to Look for When Hiring A Real Estate Agent

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The real estate landscape in Canada has been nerve-racking, with several highs and lows and the fear of a housing market crash has caused real estate agents to reinvent their portfolio by staying updated with the latest trends. During this fluctuating period, it is essential for you to enlist an experienced real estate agent who can adapt to change.

With knowledge of local market data and best practices, they can help you either buy or sell a home at a competitive rate. Whether you're buying your first family home or selling a luxury condo, a real estate agent should have the skill and expertise to propose solutions that suit your financial abilities and specific housing needs.

While the qualities of an agent may vary as per client needs, there are distinct traits that mark a successful realtor. If you’re in search of a professional to help you buy or sell a house or property, here is a list of the top five things to look for in a real estate agent.  

1. Honesty and integrity.

With the easy availability of agents today, picking a genuine realtor can be challenging, which makes working with an agent who is committed to representing your best interests essential. The agent you’re considering should be principled and uphold a high standard of work ethics. Select an honest realtor who will explain a situation the way it is, without sugar coating it.

2. Market knowledge.

What offers are presently made in your neighborhood? How well are your competitors’ properties performing? An agent with extensive community and market knowledge will have this information and will serve you better. They will also help you buy or sell a home in less time and often at a better price.

3. Responsiveness.

If a real estate seller is prompt with replies and navigates you through every problem, it is a good sign. One way to find a responsive agent is to check their internet presence and online reviews. Also, ask for references, speak with a few clients and gauge how happy they were with the responsiveness and quality of the realtor.

4. Negotiation skills.

The ability to negotiate effectively is a critical skill for every real estate agent. It is integral for an agent to stand their ground and strategically close a deal that appeals to a client. More often than not, this comes with years of experience.

5. Communication skills.

Whether it is settling a negotiation, expanding your networks or assessing competition, it is vital for a real estate agent to keep you informed during every step of the way. Listening actively to your inputs is also an important part of communication and will make the entire buying or selling process a whole lot easier.

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