Using floor plans and photography in Advertising

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Ian Grace

Floor Plans: When asked about using floor plans and photography in advertising properties on the MLS, the short answer is always a YES!  In a new-home purchase from the builder,  floor plans are always provided, even when the house is already built. Realtor and Sellers should consider the advantages of providing accurate photos and floor plans.  These material help get the potential purchasers engaged and help them envision themselves living in the space. Floor plans can show where furniture might fit or how space is best utilized.  It’s always a good idea to include floor plans to sell  your property by getting potential purchasers involved – and many progressive agents and Realtors are doing just that.  Some go further and use interactive floor plans, with little icons in the rooms and outside. Every time an icon is clicked, it pulls up a photo or video of that room. It’s great interaction.

Photography:  Should you hire a professional photographer or take the shots yourself? It makes sense to hire a pro. It should guarantee the quality of the photograph – and photographers are aware of  shade and light and the angle of the sun at certain times of the day, which make a big difference. However, with the cameras available these days, agents can take some excellent photographs themselves. Either way, the content of the photograph is more important than just the photographic quality. All too often we find agents focusing on high-quality professional photography that make ads very pretty – but sadly, if you make bad advertising pretty, all you are left with is pretty bad advertising. The advice here is to focus on correct advertising procedure first, then look at the photographic quality. That means writing the ad first, then taking the photographs to match, All too often agents and their photographers are snapping away before the ad has been created. Photos must match headlines (and also the text, in sequence), not the other way around. If the photo doesn’t match the headline, while the photographic quality may be perfect, the advertising certainly isn’t. Back to the original question about using a professional photographer. You’ll notice that most of the best agents always use professional photography to maintain consistency.  One more important thing to remember: Don’t just let your photographer take photos as they see fit. Just as is done in by advertising agency, direct them. Ensure they know which photograph you need to match your headline and then your body text. The photographer should be focusing on the quality of each photograph and input their own ideas and creativity, knowing what it is they have to capture.

Known internationally as “Mr. Real Estate Advertising”, Australian born Ian Grace is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading authorities on real estate advertising. Since 1994, he has delivered his programs throughout Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A, Canada and the U.K. His articles about real estate advertising have been published around the world.