Misconceptions About The Suburbs

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By: Sarah Daniels

So, you’re thinking of moving to a suburb to get away from the traffic and chaos of the city. Perhaps you’ve been considering Aurora?… but you think that somehow it’s like moving to outer Mongolia. You won’t see your friends. You will be stuck in a wardrobe of “mom jeans”. You will have to drive a mini van and all the many other stereo types that come along with suburban life style. You think Suddenly you won’t be that cool person that you’ve always considered yourself to be. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re thinking that way, you probably haven’t been to Aurora lately. And it’s time to visit. Things have changed!

The suburbs in many cases are now completely self supporting cities, with so many things to offer such as…

  • Great access to shopping – and not just the big box stores. Look for fashionable boutiques, high end chains, and everything in between.
  • Restaurants of all kinds, family, bistros, coffee shops, and the finest of dining.
  • Homes of all shapes and sizes, not cookie cutter, but with the type of appeal and individuality that you thought could only be found in the city.
  • Tree lined streets, mature landscaping, and established neighbourhoods, with young families, singletons, and retirees all in the mix.

What often surprises those who have snubbed the suburbs is the wide variety of activities available such as…

  • Some of the best yoga studios
  • dance classes
  • sports fields
  • private clubs
  • golf
  • community centres
  • public swimming pools

All within the community. And guess what? They aren’t jammed to the rafters like you often find in the city.

But probably the biggest misconception about the suburbs is that they are not cool. And I’m not sure how that happened! In fact, I can’t think of anything cooler that being able to have the space you need. You’ll be shocked how many people, just like you, are making the move. That’s because they see value for the money, and the lifestyle that they want. As mentioned, it’s very likely that the suburb you choose to live in is where you could end up working! And with the amount of jobs these days that can be done from home, on line or in a flexible manner, you might not to have to worry about that dreaded commute.

Let’s put it this way… You can move to a suburb like Aurora from the city and escape from the work and stresses of the big city, while still allowing relative proximity to other people and necessities. With less traffic congestion and crowding, as well as a lower crime rate, suburbanites often find a higher quality of life than what is available elsewhere. There is access to plentiful job opportunities while having the option for recreational and outdoor activities as well as opportunities to meet people and join a community.

No matter where you land be sure to call York National Realty for all your real estate needs.