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Taking Charge in a Bidding War

  By Sandra Rinomato Don’t be afraid of multiple offers. You still have some control. There are a few scenarios that can take place if you get into competition. The seller can accept your offer and you will have bought…

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Buying a Fixer Upper: Yea or Nay?

By: Jacob Hurwith Fixer-Upper Pros Discounted Prices The single biggest advantage of buying a fixer-upper is the price. Fixer-uppers give eager buyers the chance to own their property when they can’t afford those move-in ready homes they desire. Homes that…

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Misconceptions About The Suburbs

By: Sarah Daniels So, you’re thinking of moving to a suburb to get away from the traffic and chaos of the city. Perhaps you’ve been considering Aurora?… but you think that somehow it’s like moving to outer Mongolia. You won’t…

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Money: How to Recover After the Holidays

By Kira Vermond It’s the middle of January, the holiday decorations are all taken down, the gifts have finally found homes, and the family is getting back into their regular routine. Just one final festive tradition remains: opening that January credit…

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Maximize Your Selling Potential During Winter

By Gavin Chen Many Realtors believe winter to be the worst season to sell your house. The cold and stormy Canadian Winters definitely pose challenges, but  should not discourage sellers from marketing their properties. First impressions are key to progress…

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Rental Gurantees to Come to Canada!

Rental guarantees arrive in Canada Rental guarantees are a successful billion-dollar industry in Australia and Europe.  Majority of landlords in the UK have had legal expense protection for quite some time but it is only now being offered to landlords…

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